South East Co-operative Support (SECS) provides specialist support to co-operatives & social enterprises across the South East of England.

Our services are particularly suitable for organisations delivering capacity building and business support programmes or developing sub-regional, region-wide or national infrastructure for the social economy. Local Economic Partnerships, trade bodies and organisations delivering European funded programmes (e.g. ESF, ERDF) will all benefit from involving our team in their programmes. We have a track record of managing and delivering regional programmes and have a range of specialist advisors & services available. We can cover the South East of England - and beyond - or provide targeted support for a defined geographical area such as borough or LEP area or for a particular trade sector (e.g. commmunity energy).

SECS is a regional consortium of Co-operative Development Bodies (CDBs*). We co-ordinate and deliver quality support across the South East of England at a local level through our member CDBs, among whom we count nationally recognised experts.

We assure the quality of our delivery with well developed and proven internal quality systems. We can provide a complete project management service from promotion, assessment of applicants and delivery of support through to monitoring, outcome reporting and evaluation. Any of these elements can also be provided as stand alone services.

We are able to provide region-wide coverage from our members and have specialists in particular trade sectors, enterprise types and support needs. The collective expertise we can draw on enables us to work with all forms of social enterprise and community enterprise, not just co-operatives, from local food buying enterprises and community share schemes to purchase community assets or develop alternative energy through to public service mutuals.

*A CDB is an organisation that has among its primary objectives the provision of support to people seeking to establish viable co-operative enterprises and develop them to their full potential.

Co-operatives add value to all parts of the economy

Co-operatives operate in all parts of the economy - housing, food, energy, money